Monday, 23 July 2012

Random Events

Our new President!! Who was in the costume? Richard's looking on like a proud parent and who wouldn't be proud of a respected Lion dressed as a duck with flippers.
The Charter welcome party. A fine body of Lions and partners.
Why is Vernon edging towards Kath with that guilty expression on his visage? Answers on a postcard please.
This looks like one of those posh pictures in Cosmopolitan. ' Here's Alison and Graham enjoying an aperitif before the soiree begins.'
Graham seems determined to get in every picture.
The handover is going just as smooth as ever! It's as though its all been rehearsed.
Pauline is going to have to do some readjustments on our yellow symbolic jacket. Roger is determined that it's going to fit.
A thorn between two roses!
And now the curry walk. 
Any idea what's going on here? Gill's in acting mode, Tony's been bitten by a mozzy and Rosemary's just given up on David.
The intrepid walkers. A fine body of men, women and John H ( a right poser)
David's on the phone again - can't leave work alone.
When's our next walk? Will the Olympics inspire us? How about our own Triathlon. Walk, Drink and Curry - not necessarily in that order.