Thursday, 13 December 2012

Deli Xmas Meal '12

Horsfall's big table - not one Lion in sight but welcome all the same!
Replete and ready for the singing!
There seems to be a lot of glasses and bottles and Roger's still at it!
A slightly guilty look from Mr Key!!!
Odds and sods - not saying which is which.
The Lions attempting to entertain the 'very captive audience' with renditions of once popular xmas songs.
Some Lions require no padding to look like Santa!!
My sober looking bunch - but you don't need drink to have a good time - all enjoyed a good night.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Duck Race Presentation

Catherine Thompson from Holy Trinity School receiving £475 from proceeds of Duck Race. A rather suave looking  Mr Peel doing the honours.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Random Events

Our new President!! Who was in the costume? Richard's looking on like a proud parent and who wouldn't be proud of a respected Lion dressed as a duck with flippers.
The Charter welcome party. A fine body of Lions and partners.
Why is Vernon edging towards Kath with that guilty expression on his visage? Answers on a postcard please.
This looks like one of those posh pictures in Cosmopolitan. ' Here's Alison and Graham enjoying an aperitif before the soiree begins.'
Graham seems determined to get in every picture.
The handover is going just as smooth as ever! It's as though its all been rehearsed.
Pauline is going to have to do some readjustments on our yellow symbolic jacket. Roger is determined that it's going to fit.
A thorn between two roses!
And now the curry walk. 
Any idea what's going on here? Gill's in acting mode, Tony's been bitten by a mozzy and Rosemary's just given up on David.
The intrepid walkers. A fine body of men, women and John H ( a right poser)
David's on the phone again - can't leave work alone.
When's our next walk? Will the Olympics inspire us? How about our own Triathlon. Walk, Drink and Curry - not necessarily in that order.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Party at the Proms

John and Grace organised a superb evening which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.John is clearly relishing the close contact and is looking forward liaising with Grace in the future!!!
Great atmosphere was created with bunting, flags and suitably attired Lions

Tony and Barry modelling the outfits - good job we ordered XXL
Come on Anne its not that funny - you have to live with him

One of the many student musical groups who were enjoyed by the 250 who turned up for the Proms

The Lions organised some side games to keep the youngsters occupied. Ian came up with this 'human fruit machine'. It's the most exercise they've had for the last 6 months  (in total). If they pulled out 3 pears they had to have a 'conference' - boom! boom!
The Theatre Deli supplied the food - fabulous pork cobs.

A lovely atmoshere was created throughout the evening. Looks like Mike is trying to explain to David how the fruit machine works - clockwise rotation - otherwise the machine will clog up.

The school orchestra preparing to start the finale
The usual crowd on the back row but joining in enthusiastically with the Dam Busters March - they even went for a fly past.

A fitting end to a great evening. Look forward to next year.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Ceiladh, Callee or Kalie - March 2012

Big thanks to Mike for organising the event he even had time to enjoy a few dances - any excuse to hold hands with another female!

The excellent band and caller produced, yet again, a very enjoyable evening
Riemie and Wendy looking totally bemused - 'what do we do next??'
Tony and Gill going clockwise - what a mover!!

Ian is a Gay Gordon specialist - I'm now going to leave the rest of you to make your own comments from here.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012


A new venture for the Lions.
A short walk or drive to Upton followed by a 'Full English' and then a longer walk back to Southwell to diminish the impact of 1500 calories. It's believed that some even had breakfast before meeting up.

I couldn't make it because too much cereal gives me my grain!!!!